Yes, but it is not permanent.  Meaning once an application had been done, all mosquitoes in that area will be eliminated, but that doesn’t mean the next generation of mosquitoes isn’t laying in the weeds, literally, waiting to hatch and spawn in the next 21 days.  Mosquito service are NOT PERMANENT, but they work incredibly good for just under a month.

There are two ways to combat the mosquito life-cycle reproduction.  You can continually treat the areas that mosquitoes are breeding, or you can eliminate the breeding ground.  At times it is impossible to eliminate the mosquito breeding grounds.  For example, if you have overgrown shrubs that are shaded all day every day and continually humid or moist, you can not eliminate the mosquito breeding ground.

If your backyard is a wooded area with trees and long grass that is not manicured, you can’t eliminate the mosquitoes naturally.

But it is very possible to eliminate mosquitoes if you hire a professional service to control the mosquitoes in your yard.